About Aroma New Zealand

The isolated and sparsely populated South Pacific islands of New Zealand are inhabited by people with an innate connection to the land and sea. We are recognised for having a secluded, pristine environment surrounded by deep, pure waters.

This exceptional natural environment and water purity combine with our cutting edge approach in agriculture and marine produce, making our country ideal for growing seafood.

Established by R.J Winters in 1961, Aroma quickly set a benchmark for innovation and focus. For over four decades the company has been run as a family business. Now, we have two generations of the Winters family overseeing the management, quality control and daily production activities.

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Compliance with the standards

Aroma NZ Ltd is licensed by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority for export to Europe and USA and all incoming raw materials are strictly selected to ensure only the highest quality produce is used in our production. Aroma holds fish export licence no. 167 and fish processing premises licence no ph35 which attest that the company adheres strictly to the standards laid down by the Fish Exporting Licensing Regulations 1982 and the Fish Export Premises Regulations 1995. Compliance with the standards is administered by official government inspectors from New Zealand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) who inspect the premises and monitor the processing operations on a continuing basis. The government-issued export certificate accompanying each export consignment certifies that the product has at all times been handled and processed in accordance with the regulations.

Ben G Winters Managing Director

Ben "Emigrated from Rotterdam in the late 1950s Ben G Winters has grown Aroma NZ’s excellent reputation as a world class manufacturer of freeze-dried marine products; these high quality standards and principles have resulted in many long term business relationships worldwide."

Ben S Winters Director

Ben "Working with customers around the world and developing new health products that provide functional benefits to thousands of consumers is a real pleasure. The nutraceutical market is constantly evolving with new products and new technology. Ben ensures that Aroma NZ provides the highest quality products and personal service available. The Australian clinical study trial this year confirmed Aroma’s benefits for arthritis sufferers."

Aroma General

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Aroma Brochure Take time to read about our company and product information.

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