Aroma New Zealand Ltd are a
world leader in high quality freeze dried nutritional supplement for humans and animals.

Aroma NZ Ltd has established itself as a recognised leader in the joint-care industry. We sell top quality active ingredient materials, backed by the most rigorous scientific verification and we are dedicated to research.

Our products GlycOmega™ green shell (or green lipped) mussel powder and SCP-Active™ Shark cartilage powder are rich in chondroitin sulphates and glycosaminoglycans which focus on specific areas such as support of joint and connective tissue functions and the repair of cartilage injuries.

Leading nutritional and veterinarian companies worldwide rely on our branded raw materials and our experience in launching a variety of successful brands. A landmark University of Queensland clinical study trial of Aroma's GlycOmega-PLUS™ recently found arthritic pain improved 59 percent for people taking our supplement. This was a huge result and endorsement for Aroma NZ.

Glyc Omega

Clinical Study published in UK

Clinical study good news for arthritis sufferers

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